Sunday, May 20, 2012

Partial Sun and Bird Equals Sunbird 2012-05-21

I wanted to get up early to observe and photograph the partial solar eclipse from my place. I intentionally set my alarm the previous night to about an hour earlier than the actual sunrise to give me time to have breakfast and do my morning routine. When the sun rises, I was ready to capture it, but clouds covered most of the eastern horizon. I waited a few minutes, then the sun started to show itself through the thinner clouds. The distinct crescent shape due to the moon's shadow can be seen.

I started snapping photos every few minutes, hoping to capture every interval of the eclipse. I also observed 3 groups of sunspots on the disc of the sun.

 My 4.5" Orion Starblast on an AZ mount

Towards the middle of the session, I heard an Olive backed sunbird calling and decided to capture the birdie. I have seen this sunbird living in our compound, but it was the first time I managed to photograph this li'l fella.

Here are some pictures of the eclipse: