Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Birding 2012-06-03

I was initially hesitant whether I should go out or not because yesterday was rainy and the morning sky looks cloudy as well.I decided to push through, thinking that it will be a more comfortable hike - not as hot as on a sunny day. Along the way, I tried a slow pace this time - stopping here and there, keeping my ears glued to any bird calls I heard. At one curve, I was able to hear a continuous 3 sound call that sounded like something a squeaky toddler's shoes (ek ek ee) make. I decided to stop and look for the bird, it was a lifer. When I saw it, I knew I had seen it somewhere on my book, but I didn't know the name. The bird never stayed any longer than 2 seconds on unobstructed spot and the foliage were thick and dark, making imaging difficult,  After some failed attempts to capture the bird cleanly,  I gave up.

Philippine or Gray backed Tailorbird?

Along the way, I stopped at the area frequently visited by the orioles and birded there as well. I was able to capture those lovely yellow birds. My latest captures are better than my earlier attempts, but I think I still need to get even closer next time, that is if I am lucky.

Black naped oriole

When I reached the tunnel entrance of the Angono Petroglyph, I saw the bushchat that the other birder reported seeing a week earlier. I took some shots of it, some turned out okay.

Pied bushchat

I stayed at the site just for a few minutes, it was already noontime and I didn't bring any foods with me. Instead of walking down as usual, I took the lazy way - take a trike to Antipolo City, have lunch there and head for home.

Here are some birds seen and photographed:

White collared kingfisher

Striated grassbird

 Long tailed shrike

White throated kingfisher

Here's the list of birds I've seen:

Long tailed shrike - 3
Black naped oriole - 2 seen, 1 heard only
Philippine/Gray backed tailorbird - 2
Yellow vented bulbul - 1
Collared kingfisher - 1 seen, 2 heard
White throated kingfisher - 2
Striated grassbird - 3
Philippine coucal - 1 seen, 1 heard only
Olive backed sunbird - 1
Pied bushchat - 1
Golden bellied flyeater - 1 heard only

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