Sunday, September 2, 2012

More Birding at Angono 2012-09-02

It's been weeks since I last had a chance to hike along the Guido road. It's already the avian migration season, so I didn't want to pass up the chance to do some birding during the weekend. Along the way, I managed to see some usual birds in the area and another lifer, a white bird with a thin black stripe. I initially identified it as a little pied flycatcher (Ficedula westermanni),  but later I realized that it is probably a Pied thriller

Pied thriller

White collared kingfisher

Long tailed shrike

Black naped oriole

Scaley breasted munia

Olive backed sunbird

White breasted wood swallow

Yellow vented bulbul

Striated grassbird

I also took a few landscape shots.

When I reached the Angono Petroglyphs site, I tried to look for some objects of interest after a short rest. On the ground, I saw something that looks like the tail of either a skink or a snake. It seems to be the former, but I'm not really sure. It's probably bitten off by the owl.

 Then, together with the officer-in-charge of the site, we saw the owl.

A few minutes later, thinking that I've seen enough that day, I decided to leave.

I managed to compile this list of birds during the hike.

Eurasian tree sparrow - a lot
Yellow vented bulbul - at least 4
Olive backed sunbird - at least 5
Pied thriller - 1
Philippine eagle-owl - 1
Black naped oriole - 4
White breasted wood swallow - at least 6
White collared kingfisher - 2 seen, at least 2 heard only
Philippine bush warbler - 1
Long tailed shrike - 2
Swiftlet - 2
Striated grassbird -  at least 3
Scaley breasted munia - 2
Gray backed tailorbird - 1 seen, 1 heard
Philippine coucal - at least 2 heard only
Golden bellied gerygone - at least 3 heard only

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