Friday, March 22, 2013

Birding Out of Boredom

Whenever you don't have any plans to go somewhere and you're bored, one of the best thing to do is to take a stroll near your house and do some birding. ;) Of course, when birding you'll probably want to take some pictures as souvenir as well.

Some birds are not too shy when they see someone holding a camera. One particular bird addicted to moving its' glorious butt is the Pied fantail.

Whenever there's a group of birds on a wire, they're either the common ETS or some species of swallow. Dangers exists however, as these birds can poop on you if you're not careful. So a little bit of evasive practice will help if you want to come out clean after getting really close to them.  One example is the specie named barn.

Brown shrike, a seasonal common bird, loves to act tough and pretend you don't exists.

Another bird common in gardens, small but noisy is the Olive backed sunbird. It may be attractive as a female, but the opposite sex looks sexier. ;)

After your walk around the village, you'll probably think that it is fun and would like do it again.

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