Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bukit Batok and Little Guilin 2013-05-18

I went back to Bukit Batok Nature Reserve to do some unfinished business - photograph more birds. When I arrived there, I was initially a bit disappointed because I didn't see any birds aside from those trash bird called Javan myna. As I approached the marker to the War memorial, I was delighted to see a white-crested laughingtrush perched on the sign post. I quickly too some shots, fortunately I was able to get some decent ones before it flew away.

White-crested laughingtrush

I  tried to follow it and was surprised that it was not very shy. While it was looking for food under the trees, I was able to get a better shot but was forced to use flash because it was dark and the bird is constantly moving.

Later, while walking the trail, I also saw a banded woodpecker, but it was always moving behind the trees making a steady shot almost impossible. My best attempt was a bit dark, but I was happy to be able to photograph it.

Banded woodpecker

I also saw another pink necked green pigeon at one part of the trail.

Pink necked green pigeon

 I walked around and was also able to see, but not photograph, some chestnut cheeked babbler.

After getting tired that I wasn't able to see more birds, I decided to call it a day and head back home. On my way out of the reserve/park, I looked at a sign and saw that there's another park nearby, the Butik Timah Nature Park also dubbed The Little Guilin. I decided to visit the place as well.

After a long walk, I reached the pond and saw the cliff which indeed looked like the typical scenery in Guilin, China. It was just 2 rocks unlike the numerous rock formations in the real Guilin.

The park's highlight is this rock formation and nothing else. When I arrived there it was already near lunchtime and I was getting hungry, so I quickly snapped some pictures and left.

After lunch, I got home and did a little research. I found out that this park is a former quarry and known for its' horror stories about ghosts and some restless spirits. :)

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  1. i love the laughing thrush on the sign picture!