Monday, June 10, 2013

Comfort Birding

Living on a high-rise with a tall tree in front of your window, birding can be a joy sometimes. That's how I am able to enjoy birding while inside the room. All I have to do is leave a small gap on the curtains, to allow me a view of the branches, then hide and wait. Sometimes, I don't even need to wait. I just need to keep listening to bird calls while doing some other stuffs. If I hear something, I take a peek and see if a bird is there. :)

Olive-backed sunbird (male)

Olive-backed sunbird (immature)

Olive-backed sunbird (female)

Scarlet-backed flowerpecker (male) -
on a parasitic mistletoe growing on a branch of the same tree

Scarlet-backed flowerpecker (female) 

Black-naped oriole

Spotted dove

Yellow-vented bulbul

Javan myna

Oriental white-eye

These bird pictures were all taken from the same tree.