Saturday, September 21, 2013

Night Bike Ride at Sembawang Park 2013-09-21

I wanted to do some stargazing since I haven't had any for several months already. The nearest park from my place that might be good for some stargazing is Sembawang Park. Since I haven't tried riding a bike at night, I decided to try both stargazing and night biking at the same time.

When I arrived, I immediate took some shots at Venus before it sets. Unknown to me, Saturn is just beside Venus. It was until I get home and check Stellarium that I found out it was Saturn.

 The place isn't really free from people even at night. Families gather there to have picnics and recreation.

I took some astrophotos as well, so as not to go home empty handed. :)

Before I left the park, the moon has just risen, so I took some shots of it as well to wrap up the night's activity.

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