Thursday, April 25, 2013

Birding at MacRitchie Trail and Nature Reserve 2013-04-23

I got up early, had breakfast, took the MRT to Marymount station along the circle line. With only the  knowledge of the general direction to the reserve, I wasn't sure where the entrance to the reserve was. So I asked some passersby until I reached the place. I initially took the trail far from the reservoir where I simply followed the sign to the treetop walk. I was a bit worried that I might not see many birds along the way, because there are many joggers sharing the trail with me.

The first birds I saw was the Pompadour green pigeon and a couple of Drongo-cuckoo, followed by a banded woodpecker.

 Pompadour green pigeon

Banded woodpecker

After a few kilometers of walking, I reached the treetop-walk and was surprised while traversing the bridge when I saw the Racket-tailed drongo.

 Greater racket-tailed drongo

On my way back to the exit, I stopped due to the rain, thinking that I'll won't get very wet if I stayed under a canopy. I was wrong so I had no choice,but to brave the heavy rain until I'm completely soaked.

After the rain stopped, I tried to dry my shirt before proceeding to the next trail along the reservoir. I was able to see some other wildlife along the trail and also saw a Drongo-cuckoo that I was able to photograph.


White collared kingfisher

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