Monday, April 29, 2013

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve 2013-04-29

From Sembawang, I took the MRT to Bukit Batok station then walk to the bus interchange. From there, I boarded bus 852 and 8 stops laters, get off at Jalan Anak stop. At the stop, I started walking towards the park. Not sure where the park entrance is, I asked some passersby for direction.

I arrive at the park and took the main trail towards the visitor center. When I arrived there, it was still closed. So I just start hiking towards the summit following the main trail.

A little history lesson at the visitor center

The summit of Bukit Timah, at 163 meters from sea-level, is the highest point in the entire island of Singapore. The path to the summit was pretty much straight-forward, until I reached a corner where a marker says "Summit 0.2Km" and points to a flight of stairs branching from the main path. I followed the sign to get to the top, and found out that the main path will also lead to the summit but will take longer through the winding road. At the summit, you'll see a small hut, a marker and beside it is a transmission antenna which is inaccessible to the public.


I took a short break at the top and tried to explore the other trails. I did not see a lot of birds during my hike. I can hear some, but most cannot be seen. I only saw a tiny bird that cross my path and a drongo-cuckoo on a tree which I was able to photograph. I took some pictures along the way.


 A nest?

When I finished exploring the Dairy farm trail, Seraya trail, South view path, Quarry road, etc. I went back down to the visitor center and view the exhibits before leaving the park. I was a bit disappointed because I didn't see many birds. However, along the way out of the park, I saw a small bird on a tree. It was very active, but I was able to see its' bright red body. I tried my best to capture it, but only managed a few decent shots and lots of unusable shots.

 Crimson sunbird, Singapore's national bird

After the bird flew away, I headed back to the nearest bus top, took bus 852 to the interchange, had lunch at West Mall and finally took the MRT back to Sembawang.

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