Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dollarbird at Sungei Buloh 2013-08-18

I went back to Sungei Buloh for some bird photographs and entertaining nature walk. It was a typical visit to the site with some typical fauna like the ashy tailorbird, olive backed sunbird, monitor lizard, pink-necked green pigeon, etc. I walked all the 3 routes trying to find any unusual birds. In a pond along Route 3, I saw a big white bird resting in the middle. I initially thought it was a typical egret, but when I took a shot, I noticed that the beak looks different. It was a milky stork, another lifer for me.

Milky stork

I saw 3 raptors circling the reserve and identified them as white-bellied sea eagle.

On my way back from route 3 to route 1, I noticed a dollarbird on a branch. I decided to approach it cautiously and luckily, I was able to get a decent shot of this bird.

Here are some of the other birds, I was able to photograph.

Brown throated sunbird (female)

Crow sp.

Scaley breasted munia

 Ashy tailorbird

 White breasted waterhen

Oriental whiteeye

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