Sunday, February 19, 2012

3 Birders Went Owling 2012-02-19

I hiked back to the Angono Cave and Petroglyph, as part of my weekly exercise routine. This time 2 additional birders are with me (Tommy and Rose). We started the hike late, so less birds for us to see under the hot sun. However along the way, we still saw several long tailed shrikes, black-naped orioles, tawny grassbirds, yellow vented bulbuls and white-breasted wood swallows.

When we arrived, the first thing we saw was a gray wagtail which landed in front of us. After we took some shots, we approached the Petroglyph and the guys there knew at once what we're after. They quickly showed us the Philippine Eagle-Owl. They also mentioned that a day earlier, several birders came to visit the place as well.

We saw 2 owls,  one on the tree (Did he just winked at me? hehehe) and another on the rock face. We made an assumption that the one on the rock is probably the female with her nest. While the male is on guard duty.

A family also visited the place when we're there. Then they took turns looking at the owl through my scope.

Later they also showed me an arachnid with pincers for grasping, a tiny scorpion, some small snakes and my name in ancient writing. :)

Tailless whip scorpion (Amblypigids)


  1. The spider is dead, but the scorpion is still alive. :)

    1. Yikes! Naku, I forgot na ipasulat yung name ko!!! Have to go back, hehe =)