Sunday, February 26, 2012

4 Birders in Action 2012-02-26

Last Saturday, Jun, a WBCP friend, asked me if he could come with me when I return to the Angono Petroglyph. I informed him that I will be going back on Sunday. After some conversation, we decided to meet at Antipolo together with Riana, his daughter, and Mailyn, another WBCP friend.

On that day, we meet as planned and proceeded to the Petroglyph. As we approached the tunnel leading to the site, we saw another vehicle parked outside. We immediately thought that there must be other birder present. Indeed when we walked to the site, we saw a bird photographer. Those Philippine Eagle-owl has been attracting a lot of attentions! He was there earlier than the 4 of us, so after a few minutes he's ready to pack and leave.

Some very annoying mosquitoes are enjoying themselves with our blood as we're enjoying ourselves looking at the birds. Here's one dead bugger.

After a short look at 2 of the owls, I stayed outside the National Museum bldg. and chat with Roden, the guy in-charge. A few minutes later, some people arrived: a large group of students and a small group of foreign tourists.

Upon seeing the group, my friends told me to set-up my scope for those visitor to have a look at the birds. As they took turns looking at the bird, we heard some comments like "look at that eagle" (it's an eagle-owl, not an eagle) or the students teasing each other.

After they left, we switched from birdwatching to lizard watching as we observed and photographed several flying lizards on a tree.

Mai, Jun and Yana stayed at the observation deck to look the look at the owl and look for the third one while I went back and chat with Roden for I've seen the owls several times already.

Later another group arrived. They're the bikers who frequent the place. They just went there to take a short break before they continue. They're really noisy! I wanted to tell them to turn off their noisy radios which are somehow scaring the birds away, but decided not to, to avoid offending them. After they left, I was relieved and started observing nature again.

When the 3 came down from the platform, we stayed a little bit and left.

Here are some images I took.
 Pregnant dragonfly, the bulge at the end of the tail holds the eggs.

 The 3 birders just came down from the platform.

Leaf fungus


  1. Cool! Ang gandang i-observe nung flying lizards no? Nakita nyo din ba yung yellow skin nila sa throat? =)