Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Planetary Observation 2012-02-23

From a post given by a member of the local astronomy e-group, I was notified of the good seeing condition. Given that the seeing condition has improved for planetary observation and to avoid my past mistakes of letting good seeing pass, I decided to image immediately. When I got home, I immediately setup my scope, a Skywatcher 102mm maksutov cassegrain, for planetary imaging. The initial image I got was of average result, but some martian clouds and haze were evident. Seeing was not as good as I expected. I then decided to try imaging in the morning instead. Here is my initial Mars image.

As planned, I got up early and took some shots again. This time the seeing has improved, still not perfect, but much better. Mars was already near the dreaded zone of turbulent low horizon, but it's still high enough for some good images.

Saturn also showed some good details for a small 4 inch catadioptic scope.

Overall the early morning results were good.

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