Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another Hike and A Few More Birds 2012-03-05

I just finished my weekly exercise program by hiking to Angono Petroglyph from Manila East road intersection. Along the way, the first bird that I observed was a Philippine coucal. When I first saw it, I initially thought it was a squirrel or a rodent when I saw something moved on the bushes beside the road. Upon close examination, I noticed that the tail is straight and doesn't look like it was made of hairs. It was after I saw the head that I recognized the bird as a Philippine coucal. After the "squirrel-coucal" encounter, I continued my hike and saw a few more birds like the 3 black naped orioles that I saw moving to another tree. At that time, I was wondering why I haven't seen a long tailed shrike where it's usually the first bird one will see near the golf course. Just as I was trying to figure out the answer, I saw one on an electric wire far ahead.

The next bird I saw was a spotted dove on a tree, opposite the sidewalk I'm on. I quickly moved to the opposite side, get as near as I could but maintaining a safe distance and took some shots.

Spotted dove

After the usual birding along the road, I arrived at the Angono Petroglyph. I was lead to the 2 mature owls and the juvenile. I also meet other birders visiting the site and a bird photographer.

The adult

The cute juvenile

I was shown some bird bones from one of the owl's victim.

I decided to stay until the site closes. During those long boring hours, I managed to see other birds in the area. The list of birds I've seen are listed below:

Philippine coucal - 2
Long tailed shrike - 4
Black nape oriole - 3
Brown shrike - 1
Spotted dove - 1
Elegant tit - 1
Olive backed sunbird - 3
Golden bellied flycatcher - 2
Scaley breasted munia - 2
Grey wagtail - 1
Philippine eagle owl - 3
Yellow vented bulbul - 4
Red keeled flowerpecker - 1
Pacific swallow - 5
Barred rail - 1
+ some unfamiliar bird calls (not seen)
 Red keeled flower-pecker

Scaley breasted munia

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