Friday, March 16, 2012

Snake in the Eagle-owl's Shadow 2012-03-17

Early in the morning, I got up to do my usual physical fitness routine. After a quick breakfast, while I was preparing my things to carry along the hike, I was a bit hesitant to bring my scope. My choice at that time was either to go light or bring a scope. I ended up bringing my scope, tripod and all.

During my hike, I decided to explore a new trail along the main road. I entered the street with a sign "Agua Azules". Then I reached a side street lined with tall trees. On the bushes beside the street, I saw a Philippine coucal that vanished shortly after being sighted. The place seems to attract the black naped orioles as well. I saw at least 4 of them, then a group of white breasted wood swallows, and a barred rail.

When I reached the tunnel leading to the Petroglyph, I saw 3 vehicles parked outside. I initially thought they were birders, but later found out, when I asked the driver standing outside, that they came from UP. After a short talk with the driver, I proceed to the site. After the usual registration, I saw Roden with a group of students with him. He signaled me to come to the platform and I complied. I immediately pointed my scope to the first owl visible, the immature one, and told those students to line up and watch the owl from a distance through the scope. Some were really glad that they managed to digiscope the owl so well.  After they finish their viewing session, they took some group shots.

 A big YAWN!

Roden decided to lead the group to another owl visible from outside the platform. I followed and pointed the scope at the target.
There's dad with clinched fist, ready to protect junior!

After the owl viewing session ended, the group left. I had a short chat with Roden before I decided not to stick any longer as I have some commitment in the afternoon. Before I decided to leave, we heard one of the men shouting about a snake. We hurried to his location and saw a snake crawling along the bushes. I followed it and saw it crawled under a rock.
The owl's dinner

I'm ready to strike!

My routine hike ended with a quick snack at the 7-eleven along the main road before I took an FX (a minivan type PUV) home.

What about the Eagle-owl Shadow I'm referring to in the title? It's just a mock-up of Jackie Chan's old movie entitled "Snake in the Eagle's Shadow". Hehehe


  1. cool! dami nga daw snakes sa area =)

  2. yup. Gusto ko makita yung green snake. :)